Chicago Gathering Information!

10 November 2010!


We'll be meeting at

Millennium Park (Chase Promenade)

350 E Monroe St

Chicago, IL


Los Angeles!


Hello everyone!

After settling into Los Angeles and getting a car of our own, Dan and I set out to do some exploring.

For our first adventure in the Los Angeles area, we drove to Venice Beach to explore the hip site of the Dan 3.0 "Free Hugs" episode. The drive there was also Dan's first time driving on an LA area freeway. He drove very intensely.

After a quick drive we arrived at Marina Del Ray. Marina Del Ray was a cute little beach town, but that was it. It was just a beach town with a bunch of quirky stores. Definitely not a place I would want to live, but a place I'd like to visit again.

The weather was warm, and we had a cool breeze; It was a great atmosphere to explore Venice Beach.

They had some strange, but festive, masks.

As it got later Dan and I decided to sit and watch the sun set over the Pacific. The West Coast sure does have the East Coast beat on sunsets.

On the drive home we passed rather closely to downtown Los Angeles.


The next morning, we drove into Los Angeles again to go to the Los Angeles meet up at the Griffith Observatory. The observatory is a great little museum at the top of Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Los Angeles can be a pretty dirty, hectic place, but Griffith Park is placed right along all of that cityness and has tons of great trails that go up and around the hilly areas.

We met up with around 40 people and started off the afternoon with a name game to break the ice.

We had a ton of fun memorizing everyone's names and everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.

Dan and I had a blast at the Los Angeles gathering! The weather was great and everyone was a ton of fun! We were also super exhausted and really took in the sunset over the park as we walked back to the car.

Next up is the San Francisco gathering/trip! Woohoo!



Day One: FLIGHT!

It's the first day of travel for the Dan 3.0 road trip!

Our first day, however, involved mostly airports and planes instead of roads and cars. We needed to get out of Lincoln, Nebraska in order to position ourselves at the start of the road trip route, Los Angeles!

Our day began with stressful amounts of packing and planning. However, the stress evaporated once our bags were neatly packed and set by the front door.

After packing we set off to the drug store. We stocked up on some basic over the counter medications, and in order to protect ourselves from catching the flu and/or passing the flu onto everyone we will meet, we got flu shots.

With adventure in our hearts and flu infested eggs in our veins we took a short ride to the Lincoln Municipal Airport to catch our first flight.


From Lincoln, we flew to Denver, Colorado to catch a connecting flight to the Los Angeles International Airport.


And on that flight, the exhaustion of the day hit our hero.



I hope everyone in the LA area is as excited as me for the gathering on Saturday! We have a location!


The Griffith Observatory is a this badass museum/observatory/hang out spot in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. We'll be meeting on the front lawn of the observatory at 2pm Pacific Time! We'll probably be hanging out until 5ish or when we start getting super hungry.

Dan and I went in July after VidCon with his brother Adam. It was WONDERFUL! I don't know how it will be this time of year, but I loved it in July. We also ran into Jonny Paula, Jory Caron, and Riley McIlwain of "Is it A Good Idea to Microwave This." Jon recorded it and made a video on his personal channel.

AWESOME! I'll see some of you Saturday and I'll be blogging again tomorrow!




Danielle Takeover

Heeeeey! I'm Danielle and I'll be taking over the Dan 3.0 blog for the rest of the road trip!

I'll be updating everyday, but ESPECIALLY the days of gatherings. I'm a photographer so I'll be documenting it with photographs as well. Be sure to check out the blog whenever you can to see what we're doing!

We have a schedule for the gathering dates!


October 30th [Saturday]

Los Angeles, CA 


November 1st [Monday]

San Francisco, CA 


November 4th [Thursday]

Seattle, WA


November 8th [Monday]

Minneapolis, MN


November 10th [Wednesday]

Chicago, IL


November 14th [Sunday]

Boston, MA


November 16th [Tuesday]

New York City, NY


November 18th [Thursday]

Philadelphia, PA


November 21st [Sunday]

Atlanta, GA


November 24th [Wednesday]

Dallas, TX




These dates COULD change if we run into any major illness or inclement weather during the trip. As of now, we will be in these cities on these dates!! :D

We will Tweet like crazy and post here if we have any updates! Be sure to follow us on Twitter as well[@DBUniverse and @Dannerzz]!

We should have the location for Los Angeles confirmed very, very shortly!! So if that's your city, keep a tab on us!


Okay! I think that is all for today!







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