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This blog and Dan 3.0

Before we begin I'd just like to take a moment to acknowledge how real gangsters blog...

Recliner? Check.

Snuggie? Check.

Chicken in a Biscuit? You. Know. It.

Okay, down to business...

Here you are on the official Dan 3.0 Squarespace blog, admiring its sexiness but all the while wondering "How exactly is this going to tie into Dan 3.0?" Well, while Dan 3.0 is very much so still in its primordial stages and A LOT of details are subject to change in the coming months, this blog's main purpose is simple, straightforward and shall remain consistent throughout the course of the project: This is where I share my Dan 3.0 ideas.

See, while the name of the game with Dan 3.0 is community based decision making, it's important to keep in mind that I'm just as much a part of our community as anyone else. I'm going to have to be careful so as not to exert too great an influence on the decision engine, but I'm also not going to hesitate to make an idea of mine known if I think it's a good one.

Do you guys have any ideas as to other cool things I could do with this blog? Comments, ahoy!



This is just a short, introductory episode. Moving forward episodes are going to be substantially more substantial--instead of me just rambling to the camera you'll actually get to see what I do with my days! For now though just sit back, relax and enjoy the start of what's going to be a most interesting year.

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